The earth based herbalism and farming we practice develops a long standing relationship with each plant. Since we grow all the plant matter that goes into our products, each item is nurtured from seed to product. Herbal products have become widely available at health food stores, so you may be wondering why one would participate in Community Supported Herbalism. The Community Supported Agriculture movement has done amazing things for farming, and we want to encourage that same movement in the herbal world! Community Supported Herbalism (CSH) provides sustainable, locally grown herbs, prepared with the utmost intention by an herbalist you can call by name. By knowing the farmer and producer of your herbal products, you can be sure you are supporting something you can believe in!

This is our second year of providing a CSH, and we are so excited to share with you our vision for 2016! This year’s CSH will run May through October; you will receive one share per month delivered to your door. You can expect each CSH share to include 3 items that are seasonal, handmade, and organically grown, to provide the freshest most potent herbs available. Shares could include any of the following seasonal items: tinctures, infused oils, salves, soaks, vinegars, flower essences, facial care, tea blends, or nourishing body care. SIGN UP HERE!

Our CSH is a great learning tool for those wanting to expand thier herbal knowledge, superb for building your herbal medicine cabinet, anyone committed to living a natural lifestyle, or those passionate about sustainable and community base agriculture and wellness.




  1. Sorry to keep doing this via the comments section but I wrote into your contact form as well as sent an email to the address posted above and still nothing back.

    • I just sent you a message through Facebook. We have had some great automotive and financial issues we have been trudging through this week. We are interested and I will talk to my husband tonight and get back with you! Sorry again!

    • Hi!! I am sorry I am just seeing this. I haven’t been online much since I’ve been in full farming mode. The CSH season is currently closed, but I will be launching a new program in October! Stay tuned through our website, instagram or facebook for all the details!

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