My blogging hiatus was at first, completely unintentional, but then I realized my new life had lots of curves and bumps. I needed some time to figure out this new and wonderful world I am living in. Today, it feels good. So far, quitting my job to farm and build my apothecary, has been the hardest yet best decision I have ever made. Yes, some days are so challenging I wonder what the heck I’ve done, but you see, the difference is they are MY challenges. Every day is an adventure and it drives me like nothing ever has. For those who have wondered if we are still homesteading, the answer is yes! To me, I feel like we are homesteading now more than we ever have, and finally reaching some of those goals I had set so long ago. Thanks for sticking this journey out with us, you are a huge part of what makes this possible! Here’s some photos of how we have been spending our days over the last few months!



basil bread bread1 dinner holy basil jalapeno lemon balm mixed greens nettles new beds turnip3 (2) bc2 bc4 deo1quadacorn beans bone broth buns chooks eggs feather fire fire1 market me nick peppers pickles sew turnipsathie truck


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