This Friday’s Farm Crush is Turnbull Creek Farm. Turnbull Creek Farm is a certified organic farm specializing in beautiful cut flowers and delicious produce. I first met the beautiful and inspiring,Tallahassee of Turnbull Creek when she was selling lovely herbs and flowers at a local plant sale and have kept in touch ever since. If you are dreaming of an elegant, green, farm fresh wedding, her flowers are sure to make your day memorable! Her kind nature and willingness to cheer me on as a budding farmer have helped to push me through some rocky days. So, go on over and show Turnbull Creek Farm some love!


Photo courtesy of Turnbull Creek Farms

You can follow what’s going on with this farm at their website HERE, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Peace, Nicole


2 thoughts on “FARM CRUSH FRIDAY

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for all of your inspiring posts! And I love farm crush Friday the most! Thank you thank you!!!

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