Starting today, we will be highlight one of our favorite farms each Friday for the new Farm Crush Friday segment of our site. We are so thrilled to introduce y’all to all of our favorite farms!

For our first Farm Crush Friday  we would like to introduce you to the lovely folks over at Rough Draft Farmstead. We met the farmers of Rough Draft a couple of years ago through the amazing world of social media and have since become buds. Jesse and Hannah both left the big city to get back to their roots and met while interning on a farm in their hometown of Kentucky. They now live in an amazing off-grid cabin with their beautiful child, raising food and living each day to its fullest.


Photo courtesy of Rough Draft Farmstead.

You can follow their blog HERE for some great tales of farming and off-grid living, to get a glimpse into the less beautiful parts of homesteading with their Messy Monday posts, or keep up with what their pup is into with Wendell Wednesday. Their pictures are beautiful and their words are filled with the passion for what they do. It is definitely worth it!

You can also keep up with Rough Draft Farmstead on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Stay tuned for next week’s crush!



6 thoughts on “FARM CRUSH FRIDAY

  1. I love this idea! I’m nowhere close to ever having the small farm I’d love, but I appreciate the chance to learn from others’ experiences!

  2. I second Garet. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I need to get back to work as I’ve spent the last 20 minutes reading Rough Draft’s blog….

  3. Yeah. I am crying over here reading the birth story. I also like how they write about mistakes, too. We can all learn a lot that way!

    Okay…back to work.

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