We try to slow down and enjoy the simple life. We farm. We forage. We make. We create. We gather. We teach. We nurture the soil and our animals, but at the end of the day, we often forget ourselves. Even though we spend countless hours doing what we love, we forget to love ourselves. I have been left feeling restless and about to burst at the seams. I am fearful to tell people “no” because I am scared of that one missed opportunity that could forever set the path to reach my dreams. I am becoming a mere shell of a woman. The stirring in my core needs to escape, she wants to grow and be nurtured by herself and those around her. I want to take the time to nourish and love myself. To treat this sacred vessel the way I treat everything else around me; with a kind and gentle hand, with thoughtfulness, intention, and love. I want to build my being and my health like I build the soil. I want to protect and adore myself like I do my animals, and I want to embrace those around me who hold me up. I want to go through my days without fear because I know I am taking care of me.



  1. Yes, It’s important to take care of yourself, otherwise you wont be worthwhile to anyone! As hard as it sometimes is, there can be a joy and confidence in saying no properly. There are some great business articles on this topic I’ll pass on when they come around. Kevin

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