Here are a few tidbits from our week so far.

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Ice everywhere. This week we have been working outside as little as possible. Clearly, Nick doesn’t mind working outside in the sleet as much as I do.

unnamed (11)  We had one slight chicken emergency. A couple of girls at our big growing space didn’t go into their coop during the freezing rain and their feathers got soaked, then frozen. They were SO cold, but never fear, we bundled them up, put them in the truck, and drove them back to our place. By the time we got there, they were dry and warm. They are ready to go back to their home, but they are going to stay at the coop at our house until the freeze thaws so we can keep a close eye on them! Silly chickens!

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Here is how we have been staying warm:

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Wood, lots of wood and sneaking off into the greenhouse. We have gone through an insane amount of wood this week! Our greenhouse currently only has a crummy, temporary piece of plastic as a door right now, but it is still hanging strong in the mid sixties even when it’s barley twenty degrees outside. The warmth of it is a nice reprieve when you can no longer feel your hands!

Stay warm out there!



2 thoughts on “BITS & PIECES

  1. It’s hard to believe our Arctic blast of a winter is reaching so very far South… Do stay warm my dear… you an your feathered friends.

    P”S. The ice is gorgeous though… But that is the Canadian in me. 🙂

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