Bone Broth a.k.a The Reason I’m Not Technically Vegetarian

Oh, bone broth, I love you so! This may be the one reason I am not a full fledged vegetarian. The one and only reason I ever eat chicken is to have the leftover bones for a nourishing broth.
I have some simmering on the wood stove now and my jars are all laid out ready to be filled for the freezer. If you haven’t made bone broth yet, I suggest you try it soon! The temperatures are dropping to a frigid cold this week, so it’s the perfect thing to have on hand to warm your bones and protect and nourish your body! It is so easy to make and is a great way to use up kitchen scraps. We love to throw lots of veggies in ours, and we often use whatever scraps we have leftover from preparing our chicken dinner. We also I like add lots of medicinal herbs to ours to help boost our immune system.

Here is how we make ours:

1. Put chicken carcass and veggies or clean veggie scraps in your largest stock pot (we used onions, apple, celery, carrots, shallots, and garlic)
2. Throw generous amounts of whatever culinary herbs you have dried or fresh from your garden (we used lovage, parsley, rosemary, thyme, turmeric, and oregano)
3. You can stop here and move to #4 if you don’t want to use medicinal herbs in your broth, but if you want to enhance the healing properties of the broth, we add the following: oatstraw, stinging nettles, burdock, holy basil, and chaga mushroom
4. Fill pot with filtered water, and bring to a rolling boil
5. Reduce heat to simmer and simmer 4-6 hours

This will keep a couple days in the fridge, but we like to freeze ours to use throughout the season.


3 thoughts on “Bone Broth a.k.a The Reason I’m Not Technically Vegetarian

  1. I happen to be cooking a whole organic chicken tonight. I have done this before, but I usually just don’t think to do it. Thanks for this reminder! At your suggestion, I’m going to add more herbs than I usually do. I love your blog.

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