Deconstructing Reality in Preparation for a Dream

I am home sick today. Thank goodness for herb gardens and tinctures! I am healing myself with teas, honey, and garlic today. Vampires beware! Lying on the couch with the pups this morning has had my mind spinning about the future of our little growing space and all of its potential. It got away from us this year, but I’m not going to let it derail me. This year taught me a lot about love, purpose, and passion. The garden is my passion, and no matter what life throws my way I cannot lose sight of that. No, it’s not always going to be perfect, but it’s going to be mine, and nourish me in ways nothing else can. I started completely deconstructing it Tuesday. I felt so overwhelmed by it on Monday, that my loving and supportive husband suggested we pull everything apart and make it bigger and better than ever! So, that’s what we are doing. This requires moving hundreds of bricks, moving a fence, and redesigning the layout. I am somehow comforted by the prospect of this. Here are the 73 bricks I moved Tuesday. Who needs a gym?



Even though the garden has been neglected, the love we poured into is still showing and mother nature is still providing for our family.

image2 image4 image5 image6 image7 image8


We have so much eggplant right now and the flowers keep coming! Does anyone have any great eggplant recipes they would like to share with us? It is by far not our favorite, so new and exciting ways to prepare it are much welcomed!


In the spirit of renewal I have cleared out spaces in our home that both Nick and I can call our own and I cut off all my hair in order to shed some baggage I have been holding onto. We each have a personal space to go to create, read, meditate, and just be alone. I have been loving my space so much and creating more than I have in years. My sewing machine now overlooks our small garden. I have really enjoyed watching our hen’s shenanigans while sewing.

image9 image10 image11


I am finally beginning to feel good about the direction our lives are headed again. Best of all, I get to do it all with this guy!





7 thoughts on “Deconstructing Reality in Preparation for a Dream

  1. Seems like a lot is going on, but it,s nice to see you turning towards the positive. I wish you nothing but the best and look forward to seeing how your garden develops next year. And YAY for creative spaces. Recently, we’ve reorganized our little home and took over the kids’ playroom (they got the master bedroom with walk-in closet, so we don’t feel so bad!) and my hubby and I now have a nice work space to share downstairs. It,s still being organized, but it’s so nice to have everything down there now.

    We don’t like eggplant at all here and had gotten some in our CSA basket. Found this recipe : Pretty tasty!

    • Eggplant brownies?! I never would’ve thought of that. I’ll have to see what the hubby thinks of this one, ha! Thank you so much for your continued support. I am very grateful to have you as a blogging buddy! Your kind words are always so special to me!! I hope your poor elbow feels better soon!

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