Bits and Pieces

Oh what a wonderful and amazing week we had last week! We had our first CSA pickup, spoke on a panel, and had our first home school group to the farm! We couldn’t have asked for a better week!


Here is a picture from the home school day at the farm. We are learning about potatoes here.


I absolutely adore our new CSA bins!


Eggs all scrubbed and ready to go!


Early morning, rainy day radish washing before our CSA pick up.


Hydrating the greens; mizuna mustard, tatsoi, arugula, emerald oak lettuce, and mild baby greens mix.


Our very first CSA bin! Every time I look at this I squeal with delight (and almost cry)!


I seriously cannot get enough of these radishes. Try this recipe from Cinnamon Girl of Maine if you get your hands on some French Breakfast Radishes!


My favorite food is strawberries. These are our first of the season.


We just transplanted some more peppers yesterday; gypsy, ivory bell, and hot banana.

What’s going on in your garden?


Nick and Nicole






2 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Congratulations on your first CSA! That must be such an amazing feeling 🙂 My boyfriend + I are saving money to purchase a home/land in the next year to start a farm. I find a lot of motivation from your farm and blog! Do you have a post on here about how you and your hubby got started? I’d love to read it!

    • Thank you! You just made my day! I don’t really have just one post about how we got started. It has just been a progression of sorts. I haven’t been blogging a ton lately because I am outside so much and we don’t have internet at our house. When things slow down a bit I will try to do that post!

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