Dandelion Debacle

I love dandelions, always have. I loved picking them as a child and smearing their vibrant color on my skin.

image (6)

As an adult, I love finding different culinary and medicinal uses for them. I have made teas and tinctures, and sautéed their delicious greens. This year I wanted to try something a little more fun, so I decided to make jelly. I wanted to make a beautiful, sunny colored jelly that’s taste would be reminiscent of honey and would smell like spring. I scoured the internet for what I thought would be the perfect recipe and spent the next morning picking a large basket of bright flowers.


It seemed like a simple recipe with few ingredients. I began by snipping off all the green parts and separating these into a bowl.

image (4)

image (5)I then made a tea with all the flowers I separated. At this point, things were going well. I steeped the flowers and left them to cool overnight.

image (3)

Then the disaster started. The recipe said to add the sugar, heat and add the whole box of pectin. Pectin. Oh the pectin.

image (2)

This is where everything went wrong. I added it in, and instead of a smooth golden jelly, I got clumps. Big, brown, ugly clumps. Thankfully, I had enough of the tea left to try again. The second time, it was far from perfect, but I decided since I made it this far, I would go ahead and can it anyway. About a week later, I opened it. It wasn’t pretty, but it smelled like springtime, so a tiny bit of hope remained inside of me. I dipped my spoon in the jar, excited for my first taste. Let’s just say it tasted nothing like I had imagined. The texture was grainy and stiff. Oh, where did I go wrong? Pectin, why do you hate me so?

Now, all I can do it try, try again. Anybody out there have a good recipe?


14 thoughts on “Dandelion Debacle

  1. you fascinate me! I wish I had known about your blog earlier! I love reading all the neat things you do. Are y’all gonna do any CSA boxes ?

      • yes let me know! I found your sign up page after i left that comment. your website is awesome! so did you leave the turnip truck cause this looks like a full time gig to me!

        LAURA GRAHAM Click for My Mobile Business Card

      • oh I see! well that is very exciting and you must be exhausted! I know from my ilatch stuff all that goes in to starting your own business but this is just so cool. I would LOVE to grow al my own food so I could stop stressing about the gvt killing me with the poison they approve!

      • Sorry I am just now responding! We don’t have internet, so sometimes it takes me a bit to respond! You should grow all you veggies, it’s much safer and the kids would love participating! Do you still have a garden? I do garden consultation, so if you ever need any advice, please ask! Also, I wanted to let you know that I am very glad you found my blog. Your blog was the first blog I ever really followed,and it is the reason I decided to give it a whirl in the first place! Happy to spring to you!

      • That is awesome! You have completely surpassed my blog and its so neat. I love it! I have less and less time for internet these days and I miss it! Trying to be conscious of how much time I am on a device when I am with the kids etc. I may take you up on a Garden consolation because we have a very shaded lot we have had trouble with that and we also have rabbits deer etc.. How much is a Garden consultation?

      • Sorry, I am just getting back to you. I have been on vacation from work and I took a break form this at home. The price for a garden consultation varies depending on what you need. I am happy to give advice of that’s all you need, but if you need the design layout and planting guide, then that is different. Let me know what exactly you are interested in and I can give you a better idea, or if you just want some advice I am happy to do that as well. You can just shoot me an email at nrmattingly@gmail.com .

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