Bits and Pieces

Spring is near and my farmer’s tan is already in full swing! Here’s what we’ve been up to so far this week:

image (1)


Laying out the beds.

image (3)

Our niece meeting Pigweed for the first time.

image (4)

Getting some things in the ground and transplanting!

image (5)

The tool I don’t think I could live without, my Hori Hori.



What have y’all been doing this week?


Nicole and Nick


2 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. The Panks have been tilling, pruning and prepping. Next week, we hope to have the peas, greens, carrots, radish and beets in the ground. We also need to stake a apple tree that has gone a little kattywompus. Looking into leasing a beehive too! Looks like you are planting a bunch of arugula. We should have a salad party!

    • Oooh! A beehive, nice! I spoke with Laura from Trubee about bees at the Women in Farming Conference and I got super pumped. We are going to wait till next year to get ours. Can’t wait!

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