Bits and Pieces

Last week was so amazing! We celebrated my birthday by spending lots of time with friends, old and new. We had a small gathering of close friends at our favorite local hang, and then traveled to Rough Draft Farmstead  with one of our best friends, Krysta for some inspiration. We started some seeds, spent time with our animals, and ate delicious food. What more could a girl ask for?? Here are some pictures from our AMAZING week!!


This is the view from our bedroom window. The chickens busted in the garden and after a few minutes of exploring, headed straight for the garlic.


This is the little rascal that led the group.


Silly chickens.


We started some seeds while wondering if this winter will ever end. There were literal piles of dirt all over the floor when we were done. Nick and I kept making jokes about how our mothers would have a fit if they knew.


This is a blurry picture of the sweet little piggies we met at Rough Draft. Who cares if it’s blurry when it’s this adorable?


Jesse and Hannah’s beautiful home at Rough Draft and Charlie the sweetest cat I have ever met.


These two are buddies and HILARIOUS when they play!


Sweet little snoozers!


We took a walk and met some beautiful cows.


I would’ve walked for days.


Boris and Gomer


Nick playing piggie-snout games with Trousers.


Nick was in love!

If you haven’t checked out Rough Draft Farmstead, I highly recommend it. Jesse and Hannah provide us so much inspiration and are lovely, kind souls. Stop by their blog and tell them Double N sent you!

Hoping your week was as inspiring as ours!


Oh, and thank you Krysta for letting us use some of your photos in this post!


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