We Forgot to Mention Some Things!!

Duh! Seriously I cannot believe that I forgot to mention our CSA on our blog! We posted it for all our Facebook friends to see, and failed to post it here. Sorry guys, we do love you, I swear! We have a few spots left to fill, so if you are in the area and interested you can click here (CSA) or on the menu at the top of our blog. We are so excited I think we are driving all of our friends nuts!

Also, we are starting to put together our spring homesteading classes. Our first class will be April 26th featuring Krysta, the amazing owner of Cumberland Valley Kombucha. She will be teaching us the basics of fermentation, how to make sauerkraut, and as a bonus, we will all get to take a jar of the sauerkraut home to watch the fermentation process! Keep checking back here and our website for more details about classes to come. So far it looks like we are going to have an awesome lineup of fermentation, home brewing, pie making, basic herbalism, and more!

Happy day y’all!


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