Just Be

Tuesday night I snuggled up with my sweet blue heeler, Daisy-Mae. We laid on the couch together, neither one of us feeling our best, and both very tired. That was the first time in ages I let myself just be. In a matter of moments I was asleep. I NEVER nap, so waking up on the couch at 9:30 at night and moving straight to the bed was a strange sensation for me. Making me realize again, I never let myself just be. This fall I planned on being in a constant state of preparation, but it has turned into a constant state of worry. I haven’t gotten anything on my lengthy list done because I have spent more time chasing my tail than preparing, more time stewing then letting myself just be. That one nap with my sweet dog has brought me so much clarity. It is time to refocus. It is time to renew. The garden beds are tucked in and resting for winter; I should take a cue from them. I read one of my favorite blogs yesterday, Cinnamon Girl of Maine, and her post Darker Days and The Light Within expresses this sentiment fully.

Refocus. Renew. Let your light shine. Just be.



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