Fall Sprouts Are Adorable!

This time of year I typically get super excited about fall, but super depressed about gardening. I love spring and everything it brings. We usually don’t grow things through the fall, but this year is going to be different! I LOVE watching things emerge from the ground in the spring. It always fills me with a sense of renewal. Why do I deny myself this feeling in the fall? This year for my well being and the growth of our homestead (and let’s face it, sprouts are adorable!) we are growing through the fall. We already have some veggies popping up and we are planting more. Here are those adorable fall sprouts:

Bibb Lettuce




Snap Peas


A very blurry picture of the kale I took with my phone, but I love it so I couldn’t resist!




And finally here is a picture of a small section of one of our gardens. Okra, peas, herbs, and lima beans still flourishing and fall things popping up.


Nick is also working on an awesome project today. Stay tuned…pictures coming soon!



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