20 Things About Me

So… I usually don’t do these things, but my friend Alice just made an awesome blog list of 30 things people don’t know about her, and wanted me to do the same. So here is my list of 20 things you don’t know about me.

1. I get severe foot claustrophobia and panic when the blanket is tucked under my feet at night.

2. I sniff my dog’s feet because I like the way they smell.

3. I can’t fall asleep at night until my husband checks the alarm clock after I set it (twice).

4. If I tap on an object with the fingers of my left hand, I must immediately do the same with my right.

5. My worst fear is a dentist clown.

6. I am more scared of monsters than people.

7. I feel accomplished when I can pick up objects with my toes.

8. I like to catch worms,

9. and licked one on a dare once (this year).

10. My mom used to put lotion in my hair when I would fall asleep at slumber parties.

11. When I get nervous I have to pee.

12. I don’t like going to the movies because I get paranoid I will have to pee, then I get nervous, then I have to pee.

13. Introductions make me uncomfortable.

14. I have never changed a diaper (I took this from Alice’s list, but it is true).

15. I love to sing, but am terrible at it.

16. There is a constant series of “your mama jokes” flowing through my head ALL day EVERY day.

17. I have always wanted to play the harmonica

18. and the banjo

19. and teach a cow to catch a frisbee.

20. I often stare off into space and dream about farming while pretending to work, watch TV, or carry on a conversation (sorry to anyone this has bothered).

There you have it. I would love to hear your list!


2 thoughts on “20 Things About Me

  1. Hahaha! I love picking things up with my toes, too! My roommate says I have “gorilla feet”.

    I always mentally say “That’s what she said” whenever it applies. Apparently, I’m really a 14 year old boy on the inside.

    I hope I someday see a YouTube video of you playing frisbee with a cow.

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