Updates From the End of Summer

Ahh, the last couple of days of summer. It has treated us pretty well and has been full of learning experiences, but I am super sad to let go of a few things.

Our sweet bee sanctuary that lies directly outside our bedroom window. It has been amazing to watch the bees and butterflies do their work.



This is only a tiny part of the bee and butterfly garden. It has been a true joy to grow such a variety of flowers this year. We hope to expand this even more next year! I think our dog Athie is going to miss it too!


Oh and the burgundy okra. So tender. So beautiful. So delicious!


And the mighty goji berries.


The only two things I will not miss… SQUASH BUGS and LEAF FOOTED BUGS. They were terrible this year!! Even after diligently hand picking the eggs from the leaves daily, they eventually won.


This has been an amazing season; now on to fall project season.


One of our next projects is replacing our old 50 gallon rain barrels with these food grade beauties. SO EXCITED!

We have tons of great plans for the fall and winter, so keep up with us here and thanks again for all the love!



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