I say this every single time…

But I am bad at blogging. Let’s face it. I am going to try to get better (I always say that too). We had a rocky winter and didn’t get a lot accomplished. Well, that’s not true. It was definitely a winter for personal growth.

I am incredibly excited for spring. This weather has been very trying on our early spring crops. Things are starting to poke through the ground, but it is very spotty. I am trying to be patient, and Nick is so encouraging, but I am fearful that we may lose some of our early crops. The good new is, the garden is expanding this year. My parents have been gracious enough to let us use there yard as well, so in addition to our raised beds we do every year, we will have a sizable plot there as well. We are going to be fortunate enough to plant 41 variety this year. This spring will also bring additional chickens and bunnies for fertilizer. We are going to be BUSY! I love it! We have so many projects to make time for. This weekend we will begin tilling at our new garden location, so keep an eye out for posts about our progress!


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