So far behind…

So, I haven’t posted since June 30th?!? I don’t even know how to catch things up. I guess I will just have to give you a brief synopsis. Nick has all the equipment for the lawn care business now, we just planted a few fall crops, we have frozen tons of veggies for winter, we have been to some amazing tractor shows, I just got my first rifle, and we got CHICKENS!! We spent our last vacation building our coop and getting our chickens. Our best friends gave us one (Beula) and we bought the other 3 (Eula, Sarah Jane, and Gertie) from an awesome little boy we met at a 4-H poultry show. We are still loving life!! I am in the process now of trying to sell my car to buy a truck, and I have country fever so bad it hurts. If I could pick up and move to a tiny farmhouse on about 15 acres, I’d do it today. I am not loving having neighbors in close proximity and not loving all the city noise anymore. We know that God will put us on the right path, we just have to be patient.

Oh yeah, and here are the girls…

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