New Raised Bed!

Last year we found one bed wasn’t nearly enough, so today we started working on more. We finished one today and will hopefully get it planted before the sun goes down.
Here’s Nick getting started. The nails we have to use are HUGE!
Here is me driving those giant nails… my arms are definitely feeling it! We also had some radishes, beans, peas and lettuce start to sprout, hooray!!
Weare so excited about all the progress this week!
The dogs are definitely loving all the outdoors time.
Daisy-Mae is the hardest worker out there and Jolene… she likes to chill 🙂
Oh yeah, and I never posted a picture of our rain barrel. It is already half full and our plants are loving that rain water!!! I highly recommend this to anyone with a garden. Our goal is not to use city water for any of our plants this year. We are hoping to get 2-3 more barrels next week.
I have to tell you, it feels so good to be loving life this much! I encourage everyone to grow something this year if it’s nothing more than a pot of tomatoes on your patio!

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