Support Your Local Farmers!

So I just made it back from my local farmer’s market which proved to be an excellent way to decompress after a long day at work. I attended the East Nashville Farmer’s Market today.

Check it out here: http://http//


There were 33 local vendors which was amazing, but sadly not as much produce as one would expect. Our local farmers have been greatly affected by the recent flooding. Many have lost their crops and in addition some have even lost their rich soil. These farmers are in desperate need of our help!

Today I bought lettuce from Delvin Farms (http://http//, pork chops from Peaceful Pastures (http://http//, some yummy banana bread for the hubby, eggs from Henny Penny Farms (http://http// ), and the best milk I have ever had from Hatcher Dairy (http://http// My cousin Edward says the Hatcher Dairy milk tastes like liquid ice cream, and I would have to agree!


I was so excited to be a part of helping our farmers get back on their feet and got some local yummy treats as a result! Please y’all, if you usually don’t attend local farmer’s markets try to make it a priority, they need us now more than ever!


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